August 11, 2017

I Need Recipes

Every success story I've seen so far feature whole menus of what people ate for a month. I've never really done that. For the most part, we figure out and fix what we want to eat maybe an hour or so ahead of time - giving us just enough time to cook it and eat it. 

Plans succeed when you know your schedule. So I thought - well, at least I can plan around my work schedule. I drafted up a simple weekly plan and set it beside the schedule I had just gotten from work to see what I was up against.

It didn't look good. One day I didn't know when I'd be working, I had a closing shift followed by an opening shift - so no involved cooking on those occasions, and I had just two days off where I could be called in - I'd have to cross my fingers and set aside one of those days as meal prep days. So I'd need to make a meal that I could stand eat for three or four meals in a row and cross my fingers and hope that I don't get burnt out in the process.

But what will I make? I know how to boil water for tea - you stick it in a pan and wait for it to whistle. Simmering and boiling water - are just different. I'll have to learn to cook as I go - I just don't know where to start.Stuff I do know how to make really just don't make the meal plan.

So far, I have Egg Drop Soup - I made some the other day. It was really easy that there's no way I could mess it up. Heat up chicken broth, scramble an egg, pour the egg slowly into the hot chicken broth so that it forms gentle ribbons. Now ideally, they'd want you to make the chicken broth from scratch so that you can be sure it's compliant from start to finish. Right now that's on my to-do list: learn how to make chicken broth.

If I'm to succeed, then I'm going to have to build up a library of recipes that I can cook and can't possibly mess up. I just have to figure out what they are - and how to make them.

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