August 10, 2017

A Tradition of Tea

Part of my sugar addiction problem is tea. I used to drink a gallon a day - easily. It was only reluctantly that I tapered it down to a half-gallon, but the upside was that I'd be more likely to drink it hot than cold and therefore more of it sooner than later. I'll always consider tea to be special.

Growing up, my extended family made a point of meeting together. At one point my aunt decided that I was big enough to help out - and she taught me how to make tea. It was a simple formula: Boil a gallon water, steep four big Lousianne tea bag for about a half hour. Pull out the tea bags and use 3/4 cups of sugar to sweeten it. This necar was on our table every Sunday, every Easter, every Thanksgiving, and every Christmas.

Once I learned how to make it - I made it all the time. I couldn't fathom how many gallons of tea I have drunk by now - but "Lots!" is a safe guestimate.

So it'll be a big challenge going without for so long. I need an alternative. So I'm giving infused water a try. I took a few sprigs of my Grapefruit Mint and sliced up a few strawberries and put it in cold water. I've been letting time do it's thing ... and so far it's promising; though I'm hoping that by tomorrow morning it'll be something amazing and wonderful.

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