August 9, 2017

Natural Goodness

I'm a creature of habit. I tend to eat my food just one way - the same way - every time. So it is with my strawberries - I always eat them with a few teaspoons of sugar. So it blew my mind just now to actually enjoy plain strawberries. Why was I covering up this tangy goodness? Perhaps I had become so accustomed to sweetness that I couldn't fathom that I'd like tangy or tart or sour or savory flavors.

I have to re-think food. Breakfast doesn't have to be bacon and pancakes with maple syrup and orange juice. Lunch doesn't have to be a ham or turkey sandwich. Tea and lemonade don't have to be my go-to drinks. I have to learn how to be creative.

It almost goes against my nature as a creature of habit, but this is about breaking bad habits before they're a big problem. But for all the worry that new things and frustration from failed experimentation brings - every now and then you stumble on something great.

And I'm lucky. Right outside my window is a garden of fresh vegetables that mean that there's a whole new world of fresh foods to enjoy - perhaps a little salt can bring out the flavor of my tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers - but not much needs to be done to them. Sadly, the season is fading and I'm not very up on how to do winter gardening ... yet.

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