August 19, 2017

I'll Have What You're Having

I can't believe it occurred to me just now, but one of my areas of weaknesses with food is my tendency to mirror what I see other people eating. On days when I end up selling marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers, I can't help but want to eat s'mores.

At the moment Rice Crispy Treats sound really yummy. Probably because I remember selling marshmallows and crispy rice cereal the other day. Nutritionally speaking, they don't have very much to offer. And to be honest, if I were back to eating sweets regularly, then I'd probably opt for chocolate instead.

But I think I do have some sense of restraint, I don't drink pop and when people buy it all the time and drink it around me, all I have to do is to remember the havoc carbonation will wreak on my system and choose not to drink it - though I might miss the taste of a nice cool Vanilla Pepsi. I guess I luck out in that some of my favorite treats are very hard to find, like Coconut M&Ms. So it's not a real sense of restraint in that if somehow Vanilla Pepsi and Coconut M&Ms landed on my front doorstep I'd be able to resist eating them. Then again, I forgot that caffeine gives me terrible headaches when I don't drink tea consistently - and bought some anyway. But decaf tea is something I do drink a lot of.

It does go to highlight that I live in an area not know for particularly healthy foods, healthy portions, or culture of foods. It's a pretty rural diet - lots of fresh veggies, cheaper meats, eggs aplenty, some fruit, and whatever junk food people can get easily and cheaply. I see it take it's biggest toll on the youngest children who are obese.

I kind of wish it'll work the other way, people will see what I'm eating and then they'll want to eat healthy, but I highly doubt it. These junk foods are designed to be highly addicting. Given the choice between S'mores and some fresh fruit - odds are S'mores will win.

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