August 28, 2017

The Deliciousness

So I have a favorite dish - if you ever spot me at a restaurant, the odds are good I'll order this dish. I love how you can hear it still sizzling as it leaves the kitchen and all eyes turn to the server as he or she brings you your fajita. It's almost as if everyone else wishes they had ordered one, too. Give me a fajita and I'll tell you if a restaurant is any good.

Going out to eat - well, it's just something that we haven't really done for years. Eating around our various food allergies is a hassle that we find too frustrating to deal with. You never know whether or not their kitchens are sources of cross-contamination or straight up contamination because of how they prepare their recipes. Between dairy and gluten-containing foods, that makes a significant portion of restaurant fare too risky.

 Needless to say, it's been awhile since I've had the deliciousness, so I decided to make one. I thought I had all the necessary spices on hand, but turns out we had no parsley. So I had to peruse the internet for a fajita spice mix that didn't have parsley or cayenne. Savory is tasty, hot and spicy ... not so much for me anyway. Once the spice team was assembled, I set it aside and got to work on my onion. I had stashed it in the freezer for fifteen minutes and then opted to cut it under a vent - the theory was that this would keep my eyes from the misery. It didn't work as well as I would have liked and cutting the onion was a little agonizing. Fortunately, both of the peppers were easy enough to cut up. I opted to cut the onions and the peppers (red and yellow, for color) in long strips. That's just how I like my fajita. I set them aside.

I whacked the chicken with a kitchen hammer for a few minutes and proceed to cut it into strips as well. I put them in a pan with coconut oil and doused them with half of the spice mix. I had the heat up fairly high to make sure everything was sizzling and kept stirring them to get them cooked through and covered with those spices. Then I put them aside and brought back the onions and the peppers with the rest of the spices and kept stirring them to get them cooked through. I might have eaten a bit of pepper and a bit of onion to test  for done-ness towards the end there. I kept the plating simple, putting a pile of the peppers and onions and topping them with the chicken.

Then came the test - eating the deliciousness ... and I was not disappointed. I made a fajita and it was good. I can do this.

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