August 8, 2017

My Reason Why

It hadn't even been a full week since I had managed to eat an entire package of Mint Oreos by myself within 72 hours. Yesterday was a Monday. I drank a half gallon of tea all day long. I ate at least four chocolate oatmeal cookies, I ate countless dark chocolate nuggets with almonds inside of them, I had a chocolate brownie fiber bar, I ate a mug full of cinnamon coffee cake and probably lots more sugary goodness. It wasn't all at once, but throughout the day. So much so that I felt strange towards the end of the day. Like I had too much saliva in my mouth and kept on wanting to burp. I could tell my body was not happy.

I'm not obese by any measurement - my BMI is smack dab in the middle of "normal" and I look great. But my sugar addiction needs to be nipped in the bud before it leads me down a path that's really, really hard to come back from.

So while I was surfing WordPress, I came across a user giving their Whole30 testimony. I don't know - something clicked and I just felt it was the right thing to do. So I've begun to do some research - and while I'm researching, I'm working on tapering down my sugar addiction and learning more about nutrition along the way. I picked up a Composition Book and began taking notes. I learned thirty ingredient names that are forms of sugar and have found then in just about everywhere.

Ultimately, this will be an elimination diet to try to hit the reset - to starve my sugar addiction and to learn how to make better choices. In fact, this principle will guide the Whole30 participant all month long: "Everything I eat will be the product of a conscious, deliberate decision."

It's not about going a diet to lose weight, it's about thinking about what you eat and being in charge of your food - not the other way around. I've already begun to to consider my weaknesses. When I'm done with a busy shift - all I want to do is to eat whatever is handy. The other day, I ended up buying two bags of potato chips, two packages of M&Ms, a bar of dark chocolate, and a package of dark chocolate-covered peanut butter bites.

"But it'll be free ... and I can get a rebate - and I really do like eating of all of these things." I told myself. But I haven't eaten them yet. Perhaps that's because I was eating other junk food - but even now they're sitting there and I haven't torn into them. Maybe I do have self-control after all; and if I have self-control, then just maybe I can conquer my sugar addiction.

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